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TM-500 SMT Pick and Place Handler 
change kit options

Input: Tray, Tubes, Bowl, Tape
Output: Tape, Tray
3D Lead Coplanarity Inspection
2D inspection in tape
Mark, Pin1 Orientation Inspection

Floor Framed Automated Transfer System

Input options: Tray, Tube, Bowl, OEM 
Tape output fixed

Motorized Reel Counter

Input: manual from Tray, Tube, Tape
Output: Tape 8-72mm carrier tape 
2D Inspection monitoring for bent lead
Mark, Pin1 Orientation 
Sensor package:
Empty pocket, low cover tape,

Peel Force Tester

Manual Reel Counter 

Input reels:  8-120mm
Types of parts: SMD, SMT, others
Output Speed: 120-300mm per minute
Measures in Grams or Newton's                                              
Optional netbook with security bracket, software for controls, 
USB communications interface

Input reels:  7" or 13" 
Types of parts: SMD, SMT, Axial, Radial          
Output:  8-72mm carrier tape  widths
Bi-Directional Counting 2mm-104mm pitch 
Empty pocket detection, riser for 22" reels, Thermal Label printer

TM-400 series SMT Pick and Place Handler Dedicated input

(408) 592-5259 or info@bentleadtools.com for questions, pricing, & data sheets

Input reels:  7" or 13" 
Types of parts: SMD, SMT, others
Output: Tape 8-56mm carrier tape  widths     
Bi-Directional Counting, Quality inspection platform                                                   
Riser for 22" reels 

VersaCount II+ Automatic Counter

​​Component Processing and Packaging tools​

Manual taping machines - Automated taping systems - Component counters

Bentleadtools V-Tek tape and reel systems, JEDEC tray feeders 

Manual Taping System

Bentleadtools V-tek Tape And Reel Systems Jedec Tray Feeders

PT-55 Peel Force Tester

TM-50 Manual Taping Machine 

 PC-250+ Manual Parts Counter

Table-Top Automated Transfer System