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Multi-Component Feeder

Single Component Feeder

Waffle Pack Feeder


JEDEC Tray Feeder for stackable trays. A full stack of 20-30 thin trays can be loaded. Trays can be replenished during production. Stack operation, non-stop run and repeatable placement accuracy, easy to integrate , CE.


Automatic Tray Feeders
JEDEC Tray - Waffle Pack - Small Tray - Custom

JEDEC tray feeder with magazine operation. Distribute the trays in the magazine and call it off at any time, multiple times. Replenish trays during operation. Magazine use 18 thin or 14 thick trays. Prepare the new charge outside, very compact, CE.


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 Automatic Small Tray Feeder

Small Tray Feeder


Automatic JEDEC Tray Feeder

The Quasys WPF is a low cost, small footprint solution for automatic loading of waffle packs. Stack of up to 20 or 45 packs (4"/ 2" waffle packs) without interruption of the mounting means can be loaded.

 Automatic JEDEC Tray Feeder

Automatic Waffle Pack Tray Feeder

The TF -11 is for trays with a width of 116 mm, 20 mm narrower than the standard JEDEC tray.

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