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High Performance Manual and Automated Device Programming Systems for the Lowest Total Cost

Supports:  Flash, Microcontroller and Logic devices in Automotive, Industrial, Internet-of-Things, consumers, wireless and medical applications

Bentleadtools Data I/o Device Programming Systems And Services

The World’s premier automated programming system with the speed flexibility and fast changeover to handle any job at the lowest total of ownership
Fast robotics handling up to 2000 parts per hour,

2 Pick and Place Heads and SSD for fast download
Precision handling supports small delicate WLCSP devices down to 1.5mm x 1.5mm and large devices up to 32 mm x 32 mm
Versatile and Flexible with support for
Concurrently installed options including: Media I/O (tray, tape, tube), 3D Coplanarity, Fiber Laser
Value added software including Serialization, Automotive Performance PAK, PSV Track for traceability and reporting
Maximum socket capacity
Support for up to 24 FlashCORE (96 sockets)
Support for up to 14 LumenX (112 sockets)

Cost effective entry point for high performance automated device programming.  The PSV5000 delivers trusted performance, flexibility &reliability at an affordable price.
Small compact footprint supports tray, tape, tube media I/O and integrated fiber laser marking system
Supports up to 6 FlashCORE III programmers for up to 24 sockets or up to 5 LumenX programmers for up to 40 sockets
Handler is rated up to 1300 parts per hour
Value added software including serialization, and Data I/O’s Automotive Performance PAK for version control and traceability

Manual Programming Solutions

Automated Programming Solutions​

FlashPAK III  
High quality manual programmer
Small footprint with up to 4 sockets
Universal Device Support
Data I/O’s TaskLink Software for easy job set-up
Ideal for small volume or new product introduction or used in parallel with other FlashPAKs for volume production

LumenX Desktop
Revolutionary Programming Technology
Support eMMC  and SPI Flash NOR devices
Programs eight individual sockets in one unit
Ideal for NPI jobs to seamlessly create, validate and transfer jobs into production
Automated version is available in the PSV5000 and PSV7000

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