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Bentleadtools V-Tek Tape and reel systems, JEDEC tray feeders

Bentleadtools Data I/O Device programming systems and services

IoT Applications Drive Demand for Small Parts Cost effective solution to reliably handle and securely program extremly small WLCSP devices

Bentleadtools V-tek Tape And Reel Systems Jedec Tray Feeders

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Revolutionary Performance. Manged & Secure Programming. Revolutionary Value.

Small Parts Handling of Wafer Level Chip Scale Packages 

Precision Automation for component Transfer, Inspection, Device Programming and Tape and Reel​​

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Flexible, reliable and designed to operate in your environment, V-TEK automatic taping machines feed devices through a variety of input methods to test or inspect before being placed into carrier tape.

Quasys produces standard JEDEC tray and waffle pack feeder. 

Today, there are more than 1000 installations worldwide in a total of 65 different variations in operation. We offer not only JEDEC trays and waffle pack feeder, but also individual, custom larger or smaller, stackable trays and feeders.